2013 archive

Dec 15

Christmas Message 2013

On my way to work this morning I went to the Tim Horton’s drive thru for my large black ritual and was told that the person ahead of me had bought me my coffee. This was the second occurrence this past week of having a coffee bought for me from a complete stranger and so, as I …

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Dec 08

Open our doors

A colleague of mine relayed to me that the Calgary Science School had hosted nearly 1500 visitors to their school this past year. This charter school, has a population of 600 students from grades 4-9 and is a model of both the science of teaching and inquiry based learning. But 1500 visitors…can you imagine opening …

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Dec 01

Learner vs. Learned

  “In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” Eric Hoffer Doctors are certainly viewed as learned. They possess an incredible amount of knowledge and their practice is unique. Their medical degree certainly suggests that they are learned. But …

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Nov 28

Developing the Young Brain

During the last couple of months, I’ve been fortunate to be involved in some community facilitated conversations that have centered on the importance of early learning and care. Traditional thinking has a tendency to believe that early learning begins in kindergarten, or maybe a year or two earlier. Although that may be true for what …

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Nov 24

From the Desk of the Superintendent- November 24, 2013

Well it is Grey Cup day and if the result is best for our neighbours to the east of us, there could be a provincial holiday called tomorrow. Although my Eskimos are not there, I will be certainly cheering green later today! Go Riders Go! This past week, I’ve had a number of opportunities to discuss …

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Nov 16

Moving ahead…now!

Earlier this week, a large group from our division participated in a facilitated conversation led by Mark Bevan and Karen Shipka from Alberta Education Workforce Planning Branch. The group included trustees, senior administration, principals, associate principals, ATA local executive, lead teachers and members of the PD Council. The purpose of the conversation with this varied group was to: …

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Nov 10

From the Desk of the Superintendent- November 10, 2013

Since my days as a principal, I have always provided a weekly update to my staff. Initially, it was a word document that was photocopied and placed in every staff member’s mailbox, then through e-mail with an additional copy posted in the staffroom to finally by e-mail only. I’ve continued that practice as a Superintendent, by …

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Nov 05

From the Desk of the Superintendent- Catholic Education Sunday 2013

Catholic Education Sunday was celebrated in Alberta on November 3. The following message was read at all masses by trustees and administration. Holy Spirit is a regional division that serves students in Coaldale, Lethbridge, Picture Butte, Pincher Creek, Taber, and surrounding areas.  Today, we celebrate Catholic Education Sunday.  Each year we set aside this special …

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Nov 02

From the Desk of the Superintendent- November 2013

I’m writing this blog post from my hotel room in Edmonton. I’ve been here for the last three days involved in meetings and professional learning and travel back to Lethbridge tomorrow. The first couple of days of meetings were for international education. As many of you are aware, we entered the foray of international education …

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Oct 27

Teacher Leaders: Begin with Mission, Vision and Values

This past week we began our leadership development program. It is a program that we offer every two years in the division and is open to our teachers. The significance of the program is twofold. First, with an aging administrative population (in which I am one) and minimal movement from outside the division, it is …

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