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Dec 30

Will you open the door?

It is pretty easy these days to initiate a conversation or more accurately an argument by simply bringing up the Syrian Refugee crisis. Very quickly there are two polar opposite camps that debate, why we should or why we should not. Some will contend that it is simply the right thing to do while others, will …

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Nov 01

Catholic Education Sunday 2015

Below you will find the message read at all masses this weekend celebrating Catholic Education Sunday. Holy Spirit is a regional division that serves students in Bow Island, Coaldale, Lethbridge, Picture Butte, Pincher Creek, Taber, and surrounding communities.  Today, we celebrate Catholic Education Sunday.  Each year we set aside this special day to celebrate the …

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Mar 22

Lenten Message- Covering up Jesus

At yesterday’s mass, Fr Salvador reminded us that the body of Jesus on the crucifix is covered. With the fifth week of Lent upon us, it is a reminder of our yearning as Christian people to see Christ again, in all his glory. It is not in the brutality of the crucifixion that we want …

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Mar 15

Lenten Reflection- Moments of conversion

Last week at our Division Spiritual Development Day, Ken Yasinski really challenged me! In fact, I was most grateful to have our SALT and Principal Lenten Retreat the following day  to be able to take some time and really reflect on his message. One of my earliest thoughts was about how I would have taken Ken’s …

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Mar 08

Lenten Reflection- Who I am

During our summer meetings, senior administration reviewed the book Pope Francis: Why He Leads the Way He Leads by Chris Lowney. Because of the richness of the book, we decided to go deeper in our review and engage in a monthly discussion, chapter by chapter. I have a good understanding of this book since I presented on …

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Mar 01

Lenten Reflection- Sacrifice

We begin the 2nd Sunday of Lent with a reading from the Book of Genesis, where Abraham is ready to sacrifice his only son Issac, the one he loved, as an offering to God. Being a father I cannot imagine offering any of my children up in this way as an offering. Yet God, for …

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Feb 22

Lenten Reflection- Wild Beasts

In Sunday’s Gospel, (Mark 1:12-15) Mark writes, “…the Spirit drove him out into the wilderness. He was in the wilderness forty days, tempted by Satan; and he was with the wild beasts;” It is hard for us to imagine living in solitude for 40 days. While there may be times that we appreciate the peace …

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Apr 24

Forming Ethical Citizens

This past Monday, the entire staff from Holy Spirit Catholic Schools gathered for our annual Spiritual Development Day. Typical professional development days speak to our minds and impact knowledge on improved practice. This day, however, is organized for the heart of those in Catholic Education and is solely for faith nourishment. This year’s theme, “Taking …

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Dec 04

Christmas is about Christ!

This past week an elementary school in the Ottawa area became a national news story when they chose to replace their traditional Christmas concert with a non-denominational February fest. I did a quick review of some of the 451 comments already posted and to say the least, it is an extremely controversial topic.   Last Friday, I …

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Nov 25

Welcoming the New Roman Missal

This coming Sunday, we begin the journey of Advent in the Catholic Church. It is a beginning and as such is an important time for all Catholics as we prepare for the birth of our Lord. But it will be more than that because on November 27, 2011, the First Sunday of Advent, a new …

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