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What is your culture?

Tomorrow, I’ll be addressing 80-100 educators from around the province about our journey in Holy Spirit Catholic Schools. These educators have formed a community of practice that focuses on the Learning and Technology Policy Framework; an outstanding resource that addresses some of the shifts required to truly graduate students who are engaged thinkers, ethical citizens …

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Can you imagine?

Earlier this year, I took my 75-year-old father on a golf weekend. At the same time, my daughter, was halfway around the world volunteering and teaching English as a Second Language in Bali. The connection…FaceTime! While sitting in the hotel room and deservingly resting after playing 36 holes of golf, my father and I conversed with my …

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Digital Citizenship with Intent

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a column for our local paper, the Lethbridge Herald on Digital Citizenship. In many ways it was a tongue and cheek article that compared the teaching of archery and the teaching of digital citizenship. The premise was that while we would never allow children to pick up a bow …

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