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Open our doors

A colleague of mine relayed to me that the Calgary Science School had hosted nearly 1500 visitors to their school this past year. This charter school, has a population of 600 students from grades 4-9 and is a model of both the science of teaching and inquiry based learning. But 1500 visitors…can you imagine opening …

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Teacher Leaders: Begin with Mission, Vision and Values

This past week we began our leadership development program. It is a program that we offer every two years in the division and is open to our teachers. The significance of the program is twofold. First, with an aging administrative population (in which I am one) and minimal movement from outside the division, it is …

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Do we really want a better education system?

Change is an interesting dilemma! There are those in the world who are continual non-adopters of change and others who jump on every change that comes about, good or bad! From a leaders point of view, I can understand both, accept both and need to work with the two ends of a very diverse continuum. The …

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