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Aug 13

Cohesive Teams

There is tremendous amount of information and research about being a leader in today’s world. But what about the team that surrounds the leader? Successful leaders do not do it on their own! Instead, they develop a team that carries their organization forward. A focus on the development of the leader’s team is crucial for the leader’s success but ultimately …

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Aug 06

Blogging as a reflective practice!

Early this summer I read Dean Sharski’s post “In search of a reflective practitioner.” on the importance of blogging as a reflective practice. It caused me to reflect on that practice (or lack of) during my own career. I would like to say that as a beginning teacher in 1985, I rarely engaged in reflective practice. …

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Aug 03

To Sir, With Love

A couple of weeks ago, while flipping through the channels, I came across the movie To Sir, With Love starring Sidney Poitier. It is a favorite of mine, that I’ve watched all or parts too many times to remember. Like many films that tackle real school life, it reminded me of the power of an educator interacting …

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Jul 29

My Last Class…

At the end of June, I brought greetings to the St. Mary’s Graduating Class of 2013. The evening held a little bit of nostagia for me as this graduating class, was in kindergarten during my last year as a principal. So in essence, this was my last class. Although I’ve coached since then, both in school and …

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Jul 02

From the Desk of the Superintendent- My Last Class

Last Friday, I addressed the 2013 graduating class of St. Mary School in Taber. It was a special evening for me in particular, as many of these students were in my last kindergarten class. In 2001, I left the principalship of St. Patrick, where these students attended kindergarten. This group is the last connection to …

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Jun 23

From the Desk of the Superintendent- Year End Message

Where has the year gone? I ask myself this question about this time every year. It reminds me that the work done in education is akin to a sprint more often than a marathon. We hunker down in late August and barely look up until the end of the school year. It also reminds me …

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Jun 16

What legacy have I created?

The end of the school year is fast approaching. Final exams, year end activities and retirement functions are all a part of this final month. There is a push to get through these last few weeks of school and begin to enjoy a restful summer vacation. But even with the fatigue that is setting in, …

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Jun 13

From the Desk of the Superintendent- International Students

I wrote this blog post on my return flight from Bogota, Colombia. The purpose of the trip was to build relationships in the hope of bringing in international students to our division. Based on the agreement made, I would suggest that the trip yielded positive results. When school divisions try to entice international students to …

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Jun 02

Creating Pathways to Success

The following article was written by me and published in the Lethbridge Herald on May 29, 2013. Although written from a Holy Spirit perspective, the article highlights the importance of creating multiple pathways for high school students. During this past year, my fellow superintendents and I have written about the changing face of education. Certainly the world …

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May 31

From the Desk of the Superintendent- June 2013

May has come to an end and that means only one more month of school. Over the next weeks, students will be busy preparing for final exams, year end field trips and of course, thinking of their upcoming summer holidays! We celebrated the graduations of students in two of our high schools in May and are looking …

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