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Twitter or not?

I must confess that I am neophyte in the Twitter realm, only really beginning to seriously tweet at the CASA 2011 conference in Niagara Falls. Prior to that I had signed up because: (1) If I wanted my school administrators to engage in 21st century tools than their superintendent should be doing the same and …

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In support of differentiated instruction

During the past couple of years, our division, Holy Spirit Catholic Schools has spent considerable energy researching continuums of support for all students. School teams have participated in national and international conferences to learn more about, in particular, Pyramid Response to Intervention (PRTI). This is supportive of our province’s move toward a more inclusive education …

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CASA Day 2

Today I began in a session hosted by Hamilton Wentworth District School Board They provided some excellent information on their strategies that they were implementing to meet the needs of students in the 21st century. An interesting quote that caused me to reflect was, “Learning should never stop, it must be engaging and have …

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CASA Conference Day 1

I’m sitting in my room after the first day of the CASA Conference on 21st Century Learning contemplating today’s sessions that I attended. It has been an interesting day on a number of different levels.  As a beginning user of Twitter, I began the day with only 7 tweets. Throughout the day I have made it to …

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Heading to CASA

Tomorrow morning, I’m heading to Niagara Falls for the annual CASA conference. This year, Division Principal, Lorelie Lenaour and I are presenting on “Engaging the 21st Century Learner”. We will be speaking about the initiatives that Holy Spirit has engaged during the past couple of years.