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Oct 27

From the Desk of the Superintendent- Team Lethbridge

This past week, Board Chair Sandra Dufresne, Trustee Bosco Baptista and I travelled to Edmonton as part of Team Lethbridge. Team Lethbridge is comprised of 18 diverse organizations from the City of Lethbridge. Aboriginal Council of Lethbridge Allied Arts Council Canadian Home Builders Association- Lethbridge Chinook Country Tourist Association City of Lethbridge Economic Development Lethbridge …

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Oct 21

Learner Engagement

When I first began my career in education, great teaching was often defined by a classroom where students sat quietly in rows. There was such an emphasis placed on classroom management as an effective teaching tool. And while I believe that classroom management is required for excellent teaching to occur, students sitting quietly in rows …

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Oct 14

Inclusion is about an attitude!

This past week my learning was further enhanced through two powerful events held in our school division. The first event was our Division-wide Professional Development Day. Dr. Julie Causton-Theoharis  an Assistant Professor at the School of Education at Syracuse University provided our opening keynote and held an additional two sessions highlighting inclusive education. Her  stories and …

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Oct 08

The Change Continuum?

There are those who thrive on change. Most of us however, prefer to default to our own comfort zone. The reality is change is inevitable. I would suggest that because we often think of change as an either/or action, we tend to fear it and in many instances avoid when possible. All this talk about transformation in …

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Oct 04

World Teachers’ Day 2012

We celebrate World Teachers’ Day on October 5, 2012. So who is the we? Simply put, the “we” is all of us who have been blessed with having a teacher in our lives or in our children’s lives who made a difference. I’m pretty fortunate as Superintendent of Schools to be around many of those …

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Sep 30

From the Desk of the Superintendent- October 2012

The first month of the school year is always filled with great excitement and seems to fly by! Parents are busy renewing routines after the summer months and schools are a bedlam of activity- opening masses and celebrations, orientation days, new family blessings and barbecues.  It is certainly a highlight for me to get into …

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Sep 23

Why I do what I do!

This past week, I had the chance to re-listen to Simon Sinek’s presentation “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” on Ted.com. Often, you don’t hear the message the first time it is spoken. It may be that you were not ready to hear the message or simply did not appreciate the depth of the message. Regardless …

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Sep 16

Being an instructional leader!

It is already September 15th and the question is, “Have you visited a classroom yet?”  Most school administrators will probably be able to answer that question in the affirmative. Within the first couple of weeks and generally throughout the year, principals and associates find themselves walking through and visiting many classrooms. However, if I rated this activity on …

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Sep 09

Getting out of our comfort zone

What do you do when you wake up really early (5:30 AM) on a Saturday morning? The answer of course, for connected educators is to engage in the Twitter chat #satchat. This week the discussion focused on 2012-13 professional development opportunities. Interestingly enough, being connected through Twitter, book studies as well as the “unconference” #edcamp themes …

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Sep 02

From the Desk of the Superintendent- September 2012

The first day of school is September 4th however, the official start for all staff began last Wednesday with our division’s opening mass. It was a powerful celebration organized and hosted by FLVT staff. Bishop Henry was the main celebrant for the mass and provided a motivating, positive message. Board Chair, Sandra Dufresne opened with …

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