World Teachers’ Day 2012

We celebrate World Teachers’ Day on October 5, 2012. So who is the we? Simply put, the “we” is all of us who have been blessed with having a teacher in our lives or in our children’s lives who made a difference.

I’m pretty fortunate as Superintendent of Schools to be around many of those individuals on a daily basis. They treat you like you are their own. They believe in you even when nobody else does. They build you up not put you down. They care about what you do both inside and outside of school. You know that they will never give up on you! You know they care!

In years past, I’ve talked about teachers who’ve made a difference in my life. Today however, I want to talk about a teacher who impacted my daughter’s life. His name is Robert Grisonich and he was my daughter’s vice principal and coach in middle school. I’ve known Mr. G for many years and he is an education and coaching legend in southern Alberta. I have never heard a negative comment said about Mr. G. How could there be? He loves kids! He wants the best for his kids! He always does what’s right for his kids! Mr. G held his students to the highest standards but it was always with much support. He taught them how to be morally strong. He taught them to believe in themselves. He modeled strong ethics and good manners. He was tough and tender all at the same time.  I remember how special my daughter felt when Mr. G drove 2 hours to attend her high school graduation. It was just what Mr. G did! His influence will last forever and I’m sure that part of her decision to become a teacher was because of him.

I was fortunate to coach alongside Mr. G for a couple of years and I call him a friend. When World Teachers Day 2012 comes tomorrow, who will you think of? Who made a difference in your life or in the life of your child?  We have all benefited from great teachers and so “we” celebrate this day and give thanks for our world’s teachers!





    • Sandra Dufresne on October 4, 2012 at 10:47 PM
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    Great message, Chris! It got me thinking of the teachers I’ll never forget from Edmonton Catholic; Fr. Borden who was the coolest combination of priest and chemistry teacher and Charles Goulet, who was my principal from Grades 1-9. He was at our wedding and we continue to see him when we are at Mass in Edmonton. Everyone has a teacher or two they will always remember!

    • Ruth Pelletier on October 5, 2012 at 6:51 AM
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    Chris, your comment about how an educator has impacted the life of our own children made me think about how important our work is. When I think about one of my daughter’s teachers in high school – I couldn’t express to her how grateful I was for the compassion and caring she extended to my daughter, Jen. Academics was not an issue, but moving into a new school at the age of 13 was. This woman was simply as safe place for Jen. It matter so much, knowing that our kids are in the hands of people who love their work in such a natural, giving way.

    Thank you for the reminder of how everything we say and do matters down the line. And have a blessed Thanksgiving!

    (You are a good leader, did you know?)

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