April 2015 archive

Getting your Thoughts

The following article was written for the Lethbridge Herald and published on April 22, 2015. In the past, schools and school divisions have typically been very good at communicating to parents, students and the general community. This communication, by and large, includes simple information that stakeholders need to know. Events like parent teacher interviews or other special …

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Budget 2015

Those who know me well understand that I’m more of a glass half full than half empty person but, I also tend to shoot from the hip as much as possible. So in giving this update I hope to stay true to both of those qualities. I’ll begin by recognizing the government for three positives …

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From the Desk of the Superintendent- April 2015

The Easter weekend has come and gone. We’ve passed through a most solemn time where we experienced the crucifixion of Christ and then witnessed the joyous event of the resurrection. The importance of this past weekend is why we define ourselves as a resurrection people and believers of eternal life. With schools closed for the …

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