April 2014 archive

Apr 24

From the Desk of the Superintendent- April 24, 2014

With the date of the regular board meeting falling during Easter vacation, the Board voted to move it to a week earlier. Considerable action items were debated and motions passed at the April meeting. The monthly Board Briefs prepared by my Executive Assistant, Anisha Gatner, provide an excellent synopsis of the meeting.  However, there are two items …

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Apr 13

Schools adjust to parenting styles

I was born in the early 60’s and grew up in a traditional family setting for the time. Dad worked and for the majority of my school days, especially when I was young, I had a stay-at-home mom. We always had time for family supper and found time to attend church. I had a fairly …

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Apr 10


I’m sitting in Olds High School in advance of my presentation on high school redesign. Instead of sitting in the area where we will be having lunch, I chose to sit in a common area with students all around me. As a superintendent I don’t get enough opportunities to be around students so it is …

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