February 2014 archive

Feb 23

Accountability and Assurance

There has been considerable conversation about the topic of accountability in education. Often pundits stand on either side of the debate without addressing the real issues or worse, without any semblance of common sense! Our division, although relatively small compared to our metro counterparts, still has a budget of approximately 53 million. The vast majority of this …

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Feb 20

From the Desk of the Superintendent- Generative Governance

The following article was published in the Lethbridge Herald on February 19, 2014. School boards in Alberta have three main roles. The first is a fiduciary role that focuses on exercising its legal responsibilities. The second role revolves around strategic planning; making decisions on resources, programs and services. Last, and probably least exercised in the …

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Feb 09

Continuous Improvement Plan Reviews

This year, I’ve been more intentional in working with our schools with their continuous improvement plans or CIPs as they are commonly referred. At one time in our division’s history, the school had little flexibility in the design of their plans. There was a strict format and all plans adhered to it. I believe that this …

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Feb 02

From the Desk of the Superintendent- February 2, 2014

Semester and quarter exams are over and February begins the last half of the school year. According to Balzac Billy, who didn’t see his shadow, spring should be right around the corner, even though Environment Canada predicts more cold! The question is, “Who are you going to believe?” Regardless of the weather, we are in …

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