February 2013 archive

Feb 22

Do we want great schools?

Do we really want great schools? I think I would be hard pressed to find anybody who would say no. But in truth, do we really want great schools or are we content with good or worse, mediocre schools. It sounds like a trick  question but in fact it is at the core of what we do and for all of …

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Feb 13

AISI: Not just another acronym

Education is full of acronyms and AISI is another. So what does it stand for- Alberta Initiative for School Improvement. AISI has been in existence since 1999 and has provided substantial funding to school divisions across the province with a goal of encouraging and promoting creativity and innovation in Alberta schools. Projects are three years …

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Feb 10

What does our future hold?

I graduated from McCoy High School in 1979. Although I may have had a slight inkling of where I was going, there was no way I had an understanding of how much the world around me was going to change. Imagine that the kindergarten children entering school in September 2012 will begin retiring (assuming an …

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Feb 03

Painting the fence or building a new one!

Alberta Education is involved in a high school flexibility project that is focusing on how learning can be improved outside the Carnegie Unit. The Carnegie Unit was developed from a business point of view and is based on the factory model of education. It was initiated to standardize education. A parallel process in Alberta is …

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Feb 01

From the Desk of the Superintendent- February 2013

February marks the mid-point of the school year, the start of the second semester or the third quarter. It also signals the beginning stages of planning; 3-year education, capital and annual budget for 2013-14.  There is a certain flow that occurs in the planning cycle in education. The government provides school jurisdictions with their Accountability Pillar …

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