December 2012 archive

Not another New Year’s resolution

You can probably tell from the title that I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. It really doesn’t make sense to me to wait until the beginning of a new year to change some aspect of your life. Why is January 1st so important? Didn’t we want to have a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, …

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A Different Christmas Message

The weeks leading up to the Christmas vacation are always hectic but extremely enjoyable. I’m in schools for Advent celebrations, Christmas concerts and far too many turkey dinners! It is heartwarming to see so many children (and staff) excited about this season. I recognize and can appreciate¬†the tiredness in the adults’ eyes knowing full well …

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From the Desk of the Superintendent- December 2012

November is a busy month for senior administration and the Board of Trustees with a number of local and provincial meetings. Catholic Superintendents get together for two days of meetings to discuss issues directly related to Catholic education. I welcome the opportunity to connect with my colleagues from around the province and engage in some …

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