Category: From the Desk of the Superintendent

Feb 29

From the Desk of the Superintendent- March 2016

Last week, we hosted 10 school divisions from across the province, who form the Learning and Technology Policy Framework Community of Practice. This was a great honour, as it allowed us to showcase our work as well as learn from other innovative divisions around the province. I had the privilege of presenting to the group on …

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Feb 01

From the Desk of the Superintendent- February 2016

We have reached the mid-point of the school year and it is all downhill from here! Well, it may be downhill but it is at full speed as usual in the Division. The mid-point of the school year is a great time to reflect. Often that reflection comes in the form of a conversation with …

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Jan 03

From the Desk of the Superintendent- January 2016

Welcome to 2016 and may God’s blessings be upon you this new year. I hope that you experienced Christ’s love this past Christmas and enjoyed some wonderful time with family and friends. Starting a couple of years back, January marks the month I hold future plan meetings with all administrators in our division. I have …

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Dec 03

Team Lethbridge 2015

The following article was published in the Lethbridge Herald on December 02, 2015. Last week, I travelled to Edmonton to participate in Team Lethbridge. Holy Spirit is one of 19 diverse partner organizations that make up the membership of Team Lethbridge. Every two years, the group organizes a “mission” to Edmonton to meet with MLAs, …

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Dec 02

From the Desk of the Superintendent- December 2015

Three months of school complete and less than three weeks before Christmas vacation. It always amazes me on how quickly the school year passes. Each month I read in the newsletters about the many activities that occur in our schools and the tremendous learning opportunities afforded to our students. I continue to be very grateful for …

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Nov 01

From the Desk of the Superintendent- November 2015

Happy Catholic Education Sunday! I hope you appreciated the message that was read at masses in our local parishes today. It was written to inform our parishioners, many of whom have no direct connection with education, of the many successes of our division but, it also carried a slightly political message. While I do not believe …

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Oct 04

From the Desk of the Superintendent- October 2015

We are now into the month of October and the season of fall, but I want to take you back to my opening comments as a reminder of why we exist, where do we go and what do we do. We are unique because we are a Catholic school division and it is because of …

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Aug 31

From the Desk of the Superintendent- Opening Message to Staff

Today in my opening comments I want to speak only about faith, not innovation or creativity, not common assessments or transformation. There will be other times for that but right now… simply faith. The reason I want to focus on faith is that it is our mission… that is what makes us unique. All school …

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Jun 22

From the Desk of the Superintendent- 2015 Year End Message

This past weekend I was in Red Deer with my family, celebrating the marriage of our daughter, Jamieson. It seems like only yesterday when she was a little girl and I was the only man in her life but time does seem to fly by whether we want it to or not. She is now …

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Apr 15

Budget 2015

Those who know me well understand that I’m more of a glass half full than half empty person but, I also tend to shoot from the hip as much as possible. So in giving this update I hope to stay true to both of those qualities. I’ll begin by recognizing the government for three positives …

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